About Paterson SA

In 1988, Paterson SA was established by the late George Paterson- driven by a passion for hairdressing, a love of people and with a clear vision for the future of his craft, he set about building a team of likeminded individuals to share this vision with. Even the choice of name did not come about by chance – despite many ‘urban myths’, we can share George’s thinking – ‘SA’ in latin standing for in accordance with art, and in Spanish for ‘anonymous company’ – very simply summed up his vision – a group of individuals with a shared love of hairdressing and art, working together to motivate, inspire and educate each other and their clients.

Over the years the team at Paterson SA has grown to over 50, located in 3 salons and an academy – motivated by excellence, creative in their craft and thinking, and passionate about their future – they are quite simply George’s legacy.