Meet Our Team


Layla - 21 years experience

Salon Director & Salon Manager

Everyday I come to work with 2 goals: number one to make sure every client has a fantastic experience through cut, colour and advice. Number two to make sure each member of my team are happy, dynamic and motivated.


Lisa - 23 years experience

Salon Director

I love my time with my clients – focusing on all aspects of their busy lives, to make sure I deliver the best hairstyle to suit. I take responsibility for making every client look and feel amazing! as a member of the artistic team of Paterson SA, I love sharing all the latest trends in cut, colour and styling with my clients.


Kirsty - 30 Years Experience

Salon director

Each client is special, and each one treated as an individual. I love finding the ‘New You’ or just making the ‘Old You’ even better. A salon visit should be fun and informative, but most importantly, have you leaving with a smile and feeling great!


Amy - 4 years experience

Director Stylist

I love everything about my job, meeting new people, making people look and feel amazing and also sharing my knowledge of hair to make sure clients always feel incredible in their everyday hair.


Zoe - 28 years experience

Technical Director

Even after 25 years, I still learn something new everyday! Every appointment with me is unique – and I will always use my technical knowledge, skin tones, lifestyle and hairstyle, to come up with the perfect colour! As technical director, part of my role is to constantly look for new services, techniques and colours which I then pass on to my team and my clients along with the most up to date information and advice.I also offer Afro hair relaxing services, perming and all other technical services. Colour and how it can make people feel, excites me, and I love passing that excitement on!.

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Senior Designer Stylist

Having progressed through Paterson SA Training Acadamy I am delighted to be a Designer Stylist in South Clerk Street. I love meeting new people and creating the perfect cut & colour for each client ensuring advice is given on styling there hair at home. My biggest goal is to create a busy clientele with Paterson SA

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