Silver Shampoo
Silver Shampoo £20.75 (250mls) For blonde hair clients who do...
Balance Shampoo
Balance shampoo £20.75 (250mls) For clients with a sensitive scalp...
Colour Save Shampoo
Colour save shampoo £20.75 (250mls) – Colour safe cleansing, Prevents...
Colour Save Conditioner
Colour save conditioner £24.00 (200mls) – For clients that want...
Hydrate Shampoo
Hydrate shampoo £20.75 (250mls) – For clients with dry hair...
Hydrate Conditioner
Hydrate conditioner £24.00 (200mls) – Softness, hydration and instant combability
Keratin Protect Shampoo
Enhances softness and manageability, whilst promoting a sleek, glossy finish...
Keratin Conditioning Cream
Enhances softness and manageability, whilst nourishing hair and protecting keratin...